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Young Professionals was the first group created in the state, focusing on providing networking, development and community connections for young professionals.

We found that when people our age move here, if they did not connect to the community within four months, they felt homesick and left.

Our primary mission is to create a new home for our members – through our robust sports program, our networking events, leadership development, and our fun outdoor events that help our members explore the beautiful area we live in.

Fifteen years later, we remain the longest running and strongest group in Lee County with over 8,000 members and events ranging from less than 20 people for a more cozy environment, to over 6,000 people.  Our typical monthly event ranges from 70 to 150 people.  We have helped nearly a dozen similar organizations start across North America.

Our goal is to help our local businesses limit attrition and save them the expense of turnover (training and recruiting costs), by helping their employees really make Fort Myers, Estero, Cape Coral, etc. their new permanent home.

We also want to demonstrate to companies considering relocation to the area, the strong base we have of high-level skilled young professionals to hire from.  Our events also help trailing spouses connect with potential employers, and support through friendship that also bring opportunities.

Our group is a non-profit entity that helps our members connect to community leaders and elected officials.  Additionally, we provide very public support for our own members who want to contribute to their community by running for office.  Young Professionals is non-partisan.

We have a large number of ties with local charity organizations, and providing a way for our members to connect with philanthropic opportunities.

Come join Young Professionals, meet your new best friends and potential clients, and really learn why Lee County is such a great place to live!

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Past Events

  1. YP Meet & Greet – MidiCi

    Jun 20 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
  2. YPNaples Sunday Brunch

    Apr 29 @ 11:00 am - 2:00 pm


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